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If I could t talk to you more about ibogaine treatment, to the doctor that posted the above post or anyone else that may be reading my post to give me any advice about ibogaine treatment centers, I would greatly greatly appreciate it! Here's a little synopsis of the situation I am currently in.

I am a 47 year old mother of four boys and have been married for 25 years. I was put on Suboxone after having a back accident and being dependent upon opiates for 3 months. I was on only two a day for 3 months and I took them by the . Believe it or not, I'm embarrassed that I k new nothing at all that Vicodin had an opiate in there comma or even what an opiate was .

I was very busy raising my family. I had four boys between the ages of 7 through 2. Long story short it is been absolute *** for the last 10 years. I did not need to be put on this crazy drug for that long.

I remember going back there in two weeks telling them that I was fine, because I did not crave these pills, it just gave me very bad reaction of getting off them and I have no time to be sick. I had no one to help raise my children but myself. My husband worked and we could not afford to have him stay home. After two weeks, I wanted to get off the Suboxone.

I was told no comma that this is how a heroin addiction starts. It's becoming an epidemic. Stay-at-home mothers that have had back injuries eventually get cut off there meds . They eventually try buying them on the street and it becomes too expensive so they go right to heroin.

They scared me into thinking I had to be on them for at least a year if not all my life clamation Point that's what they said, some people need them their whole life. Well, we all know now that being on Suboxone long-term is not what the medication is for. It just creates another addiction that is stronger a way worse than the first addiction. When they told me that I needed to be on Suboxone for at least a year I trusted them foolishly.

They scared me into taking this medication. I also am embarrassed that I did not research this medication more thoroughly before I ingested it into my body. Sadly, I was taught always to listen to The Physician in charge that is caring for you because they know best. A year later after being on the Suboxone comma I was turned into a zombie.

I got off them myself and it was pure *** and I had Wags for a year about. I have never felt the same since and have been to three detox centers and successfully got off but then had to go back on within months because I just could not function. My brain's neural transmitters have been permanently damaged and I cannot stand this anymore. I'm currently on 2.5 mg twice a day.

I believe I can even be on 1 mg. I cannot live like this anymore comma my only hope is ibogaine treatment!

Can you give me some information as I don't have enough money to do the crossroads treatment? Maybe you know of another good place for not as much money question mark thank you so much comma please respond!

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