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This clinic allows people to use benzos and take methadone. The combination of the 2 is deadly.

The Winchester VA clinic has been open less than 2 months and had a patient that overdosed on high dose of benzos and high dose of methadone. That is scary! How can I trust a doctor that allowed her to take benzos and keep increasing her dose. I guess the low price of a dollar a day shows the quality care that the patients will receive.

The dosing area not confidental, the whole waiting room knows my dose.

I have looked up reviews on this corporation and overdosing is very common. BEWARE

Review about: Crossroads Treatment Center Medical Care.

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Whoever wrote this review don't know what they are talking about. I am a patient at this clinic and they have strict limits on how high someones dose can be if they are positive for a benzo.

I was also close friends with the person they are talking about who overdosed and I know for a fact that she was on 45 mgs which is not a high dose at all and hadnt been on any benzos. But lets blame the clinic instead of the quack doctor at the minute clinic who gave herthe bottle of pills she took ON THE DAY she died.

Crossroads is the best clinic I have ever been to and they care about their patients unlike them people across the street who just care about money and don't treat patients like people. People should get theyre facts straight before posting *** reviews like that one full of lies.

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